Hello there!! Thank you for stopping by and getting to know little ole me!

Pictured is me and my happy little family! We have been married since October of 2013, and last year we welcomed the best baby ever, Magnolia Ruthanne, She changed our lives forever and is sunshine itself! We are completely obsessed with her and Love her immensely!

I am also a Daughter of The One True KING. He is the one who has given me my creativity and love for life and the people in it!

"Therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ," Romans 5:1

Well... first off, I use way to many exclamation points, Capital letters smiley faces when texting. And also in real life. Sometimes my cheeks hurt. 


I am a laugher.

Nope, that's not a word, but it's what everyone would use to describe me! I am not afraid to be insanely excited about the little things and express it with waving arms and squeals of delight. Like when I find a super cute place to take a picture or when I find something vintage, like old buttons in an downtown antique shop.

I LOVE being with people. Like, love love love. Making new friends is the BEST. And having old ones is even better. But there's something contagious about cultivating friendships, when I meet you, you'll see! *wink wink*

Whatever you do, do well.
— Ecclesiastes 9:10

Photography has been a gradual thing of mine. I love cooking and sewing, and anything to do with homemaking. I was able to be creative and express myself! And share it with other people and make the smile, and that makes ME happy, so super duper happy. 

But when I picked up the camera, something clicked (literally)!!  I found I was able to make memories and share them with everyone for years to come and generations down the road, give them something priceless! 

And that is my goal. Providing memories, in a professional and beautiful way. Quality matters, but you don't have to take out a loan for it!

I LOVE being the outside light, and I'm still finding my sweet spot, but I find myself becoming more and more of a full blown natural light photographer! So be prepared to kick off your shoes and go trampling through the grass and forrest with me, chasing the sunset and golden hour!

So I can’t WAIT to meet YOU! And create fun creative images with you!