Welcome to the Frequently Asked Question's page!

Hopefully this answers some of yours!

How and when will i receive my pictures?

You will usually see a sneak peek of one or a handfull of images from your session on my Facebook page with in a day or two post session! And then you will receive your full gallery within a maximum of 3 weeks, but usually within 1. If I don't get around to posting on social media, you will receive an email with a link to view your online gallery and download them! I can also provide a hardcopy USB via mail for only $10. 

where do we take our pictures?

I LOVE to shoot outdoors, so i have a handfull of parks and public property's that i will suggest! Also downtown areas are fun too. But i like rural place best! Especially if there is a great view of the sunset and evening light!

how does copyright work?

Basically all my images are copyrighted meaning that, I will own them forever and can use however I want. Also meaning that the client cannot alter them, meaning no filters, brightening, sharpening, blurring, or photoshopping them in any way. If you have something you'd like to be changed, just let me know! There are no watermarks on your delivered images! You are free to print and use the photos for whatever you'd like in your home or gifting family! When it comes to being featured somewhere on a website, magazine or newspaper, you are required to give photo credit.