// James + Elizabeth Wedding // August 9th 2014 //

Ok y'all! There is a lot of first's happening! This is officially my "first blog post" and my "first solo" wedding! Please enjoy the gallery! They are really a lovely couple and the most wonderful friends!

Read James and Elizabeths Love Story and gaze at their lovely wedding & photos!

James and I met in April of 2011 when he visited and later joined my church at the time. He was fresh out of highschool and I was just going into it. We didn't hit it off too well to start with because he guessed my age as several years younger than it really was. This was followed over the next few months with, in his mind, lighthearted teasing following frequently along the lines of "Your flip flops are untied," "You have a little toilet paper on the back of your skirt," and even once "I believe you have a booger in your nose." Needless to say, it wasn't love at first sight. I started noticing him more as time went on. We both grew less awkward and began getting to know each other. By August of 2013 (two and a half years later!) we finally admitted an interest in each other and formed the mutual goal of a courtship. On Thanksgiving Day is when we really began courting, and three days later we had literally promised to marry one another. Yeah, you know that quote by John Greene, "I fell in love like you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once"? That was us. He proposed in April 2014 following a beautiful courtship in which we became not only "lovers" but best friends. We married on August 9, 2014. We have grown more deeply in love every day, and matrimony has by no means slowed that down. We don't expect it to any time soon. We live in a little white house in the country now, just us and our cat. We can't wait to see what God has planned for us and our little family!