W E D D I N G    D A Y   T I M E L I N E | standard


{For a 6 pm Ceremony}


11AM] I arrive , while you are getting your hair and makeup done.


Details  like, Dress(s), shoes, bouquet, suit(s), jewelry, invitation, getting ready.


2PM]  getting in dress + him in his suit 


2:30] First Look w/ Bride,Groom & Photographers/Videographers ONLY | This allows for it to be a sweet uninterrupted time. | We will take the majority of your together shots right after this time! 



3:30] Wedding Party Photos.


4:00] Family Photos, be sure the ones you want in pictures know to arrive at this time! if they cant' we can always sneak a few later! but it's nice to have them all done so after the ceremony everyone can relax and enjoy each other!


5:00] Down time + hiding you guys for the early guests!


6:00] Ceremony! The moment you have been waiting for!!! Just. breath.


And afterward we might sneak a few sunset shots real quick, but other than that its lots of hugs and "congratulations!!" 


*tosses confetti everywhere*